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Variable Booking with Persons Demo. This Demo can be applied to any Bookable Service with Variable Offer based from Manpower.

Cleaning Service Demo wherein the Cleaning Service Offer is multiplied by the number of Cleaners. In the Demo, 3 teams can be deployed per Block time with maximum of 3 Persons per team.

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1. Click Add Service in the Menu. Choose Bookable Product and check Has Persons. Uncheck Virtual to use your default Store Shipping setting. Ensure your default Store Shipping Mode is Shipping by Distance. Fill out the following:

a. Product Title b. Short Description (short sales pitch) c.  Description (Full Description, Specifications, etc.)


a. For the Product Title, don’t use descriptive words like best, trusted, etc.. Use the exact name of your Service and Plan then add a dash and your Store name for example (Starter Web Hosting – Creative Web). Starter is the Plan, Web Hosting is the Service and Creative Web is the Store Name. This is needed for Google Indexing and to differentiate your service from the rest.

b. For the Description, we don’t allow attaching Photos since they cannot be indexed by Google. Use the Gallery for the Photos. We recommend attaching one YouTube video so that you can demonstrate your service better and promote your Channel.

2. Set up Photo Gallery (required size: 800 x 800 pixels). Click the Big Thumbnail > Upload Files > Select Files. Fill out Alt Text and Title for Search Engine Optimization. Click the Small Thumbnail to upload more photo and follow the same procedure.

Image Alt Text

3. Set up the Service Category and Service Type. For the Category, click the Forward icon to show the sub category then check both the Main and Sub Categories. If the right Category for your Service is not available, choose Uncategorized and we will Add a new Category and Sub Category. For the Category, choose Local Jobs, then choose Cleaning for the Sub Category. For the Service Type, check Booking.

Below image is the Description of the 3 Steps.

Cleaning Booking

Click to Enlarge.

4. Set up Booking Options. Booking Duration is 2 hours per block. You can change the Duration in terms of minutes, hours, days and months. Minimum duration is 1 and Maximum duration is 5 which means the customer can book from 2 to 10 hours per Order. Check Calendar Range Picker. For Calendar display mode, choose Display calendar on click.

Cleaning Booking Options

Click to Enlarge.

5. Set up Availability and Rules. Max bookings per block is set to 3 which means there are 3 teams that can be deployed per block time. For All dates are…, choose not available by default. For Check rules against…, choose All blocks being booked. Check Restrict selectable days > Click your Schedule Days (Monday to Saturday). Set First Block starts at 8am.

Set up Regular Schedule Rules. Since from Monday to Saturday has same schedule, in Type choose Time Range (all week). Set time from 8am to 6pm and Bookable = Yes.

Cleaning Availability

Click to Enlarge.

6. Set up Cost, set Block cost to 450.

Cleaning Cost

Click to Enlarge.

7. Set up Persons. Set Min persons to 1 and Max persons to 3. This means for each block, the customer can book from 1 to 3 cleaners. Check Multiply all costs by person count.

Cleaning Persons

Click to Enlarge.

8. Set up Search Engine Optimization for better ranking in Google search engine. Only Fill out the Meta Description which is the short description or sales pitch (156 characters limit) of your service which will show during Google search. Do not fill out the Focus Keyword because it is obsolete but put your 1 to 2 focus keywords in the Meta Description. Your Focus keyword must appear in the Service Content, both in the Short Description and Description to rank higher in Google search.

SEO Setup

Click to Enlarge.

9. Set up Shipping Information. Select the Shipping Mode, fill out the Store Location and other related fields. Leave the not applicable field blank.

Shipping Information

Click to Enlarge.

10. Set up Product Policies, specifically Shipping, Refund, Cancellation, etc.. Skip this step, if the Service Listing and Store Policies are the same. Only Fill out the Policy that is applicable to your service and leave the not applicable Policy blank.

Service Policy Setup

Click to Enlarge.

11. Click the Submit button for Moderators review. If your Service comply with our Terms and Conditions, follow the posting procedure and have good content then it will be Approved immediately and will show in the Store. An email will be sent for Approved and Disapproved Services. If Approved test your Service but don’t Checkout.

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