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Join the First Services Marketplace in the Philippines

Free Posting & Low Commission

Free listing and store setup. Commission fee is 3% for Non Bookable and 4% on Bookable Services after a completed sale. Enjoy 0% commission until March 31.

Advance Dashboard & Easy Store Setup

Enjoy an Advance Vendor Dashboard with tools to manage Orders and connect to Buyers. Follow our Store Setup and various Service post demos to sell easily at CAREFY.

Sell All Types of Service

Sell any Type of Service with Simple, Variable, Customer Defined Price, Booking and Recurring Payments. Activate Store hours to sell only on your Operating hours.

Secure Escrow & Payment System

To ensure both Vendor and Buyer Satisfaction all Payments will be received by the CAREFY Escrow Account. The Money will be transferred to the Vendor 7 days after delivering a Quality Service.

All Legal Business & Flexible Delivery

All Vendors are required to submit a DTI or SEC Permit during Sign up. Vendors can sell in the Philippines and or in your target area of operation with variable delivery options.

Advance Vendor Tools & Promos

Offer Deals and Coupons to increase Sales. Enjoy features like Store Manager, Ledger, Messaging, Directory, Store Hours, Policy, etc. to sell conveniently.


It's Easy to Start Selling on CAREFY

Register Store

Register your Store and Post Services

  • Register your Business online. Prerequisite: 1. DTI or SEC Permit 2. BPI Bank Account (to receive payments) 3. Gmail or Company Email account (for communication).
  • Setup your Store Page and Mode of Delivery. See the Store Setup procedure.
  • Publish your Services. Follow the Service demos and procedure similar to yours.
  • Utilize Discounts and Vendor Coupons to entice Buyers.
Receive Order

Receive Inquiries, Orders and Payments

  • Regularly check your email to see Inquiries, Notifications and Orders.
  • Buyer orders the Service and can be seen on your Vendor Dashboard with "On Hold" status.
  • Wait for the CAREFY Administrator to verify the Payment. If successfully Paid by the Buyer, the Administrator updates the status to "Processing Order". This is your signal to deliver the service.
Deliver Service

Deliver a Good Quality Service

  • Deliver your high Quality Service to the Buyer. You can deliver in the Philippines and or in your Area of Operation.
  • After 7 days, if there is no complaint or refund request from the Buyer, the Payment will be eligible for your Withdrawal.
Receive Payment

Get Payments and Grow your Business

  • Payments will be automatically transferred to your BPI Bank Account weekly with minimum withdrawal of Php 1,000.
  • Promote your Services using CAREFY Media which displays post Globally and thru the other Social Network platforms.
  • Ask satisfied Buyers to review your Service.


Affordable, Transparent and Secure

It doesn’t cost a thing to list up to 20 Services and pay only after your service sells. It’s just a small percent of the money you earn. Commission is 3% for Non Bookable and 4% for Bookable Services. Optional Delivery Fee charged by the vendor is excluded from the commission.

Listing Fee
3% or 4%
Commission Fee
  • CAREFY accept Payments from the Buyers using Paypal, PayMaya, Palawan Express and BPI. We are working to add more Payment options.
  • Vendors are required to Submit a BPI Bank Account during Sign up so that CAREFY can transfer online payments without deduction.

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • A worldwide community of Buyers and a Social Media Platform to promote your services.
  • Vendor Protection thru an Escrow account which prevents fraudulent Orders and customer support to help you Sell.


Here are some common questions about selling on CAREFY

Joining and starting a shop on CAREFY is Free. There are three basic selling fees: a listing fee, a payment processing fee and a commission fee.

  1. Listing fee is Free.
  2. Payment processing fee is Free for Bank and Money Transfer. For Paypal and PayMaya, charges apply to the Buyer to reduce the Price of your Service and increase the Income.
  3. Commission Fee is 3% for Non-bookable and 4% for Bookable Services after a successful Sale. The optional Delivery Fee charged by the vendor is excluded from the commission.

It’s easy to set up a shop at CAREFY. Just follow the above procedure, click the Store Setup and various Service demos to view the step by step procedure.

Prerequisite to Activate your Store are: 1. DTI or SEC Permit 2. BPI Account (to receive the payments) 3. Gmail or Company Email account (to communicate, receive notifications from the Buyer and CAREFY Admin)

After you Deliver a good Quality Service and there is no Refund request after 7 days, all the Payments are eligible for Withdrawal. We will automatically transfer payments above Php 1,000 weekly to your BPI Bank Account.

You don’t need a Debit or Credit Card to sell in CAREFY. However, you need to open a BPI bank account so that we can transfer payments online without a charge.

CAREFY Services is a Marketplace for any type of Legal and Registered Services in the Philippines. Whether your a Freelancer, Skilled Worker or a Business Owner, CAREFY can sell your Simple, Variable, Bookable and Recurrent Services. If you intend to sell Food Products, please use the CAREFY Food platform and if you intend to sell Plants and Flowers, please use the CAREFY Plants platform. For other Products, we recommend using Shopee.

If your Service is not on the listed categories, please Contact Us before registering your Business to avoid wasting time. We will respond immediately to any queries.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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